Botox® Treatments

Botox® Cosmetic, from Allergan Inc., is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures performed for the temporary correction of certain facial wrinkles for both women and men. It is a series of small intramuscular injections of an FDA approved purified protein. It works by reducing the activity of the muscles that cause frown lines, such as those between the brows and crows feet that cause wrinkles to form over time. The result is a smoother appearance of these areas for up to 4 months.


The emphasis on appearance is no longer restricted to women. Men today are not only embracing a good workout at the gym but also lending attention to healthier habits through good nutrition, hydration, rest and protecting their skin.

Our “Bro’s” are taking better care of themselves, they too desire to look and feel better. Botox is not just for the ladies though. Guys, we’re in the era of manscaping, gym workouts, eyebrow grooming. Following Botox injections there are no signs of having” work done”, with the benefit of smoothing, lifting and a more relaxed, fresh appearance without the stigma associated with cosmetic procedures. Why not diminish frown lines and crow’s feet through Botox to keep a youthful appearance? Botox can be Bro-tox too.

Don’t hold back your full potential by limiting yourself to the gym. Get the young look you’re after! Regardless of gender, don’t we all want to match the outside with what we’re feeling on the inside? Call 203-993-5333 or come in for a free consultation!