Anti-Aging Skin Care with SkinMedica TM

SkinMedica TM facial peels can improve your complexion by reducing roughness, diminish fine lines and freshening skin tone. SkinMedica TM, an Allergen Company, provides 3 levels of facial peels to improve the appearance of the skin yielding a more uniform complexion.

The Vitalize peel is the gentlest peel and is indicated for patients with mild imperfections who wish to refresh their skin with no downtime. Due to the superficial nature of this peel, patients typically see little or no peeling post procedure. There may be some mild redness following the procedure but most patient’s skin appears healthy, fresh, and with a more youthful glow following treatment. Treatments can be performed monthly if desired.

The most popular SkinMedica TM peel is the Vitalize peel. It is the perfect peel for anti-aging , sun damage skin, acne prone skin, freckles, and dark spots (melasma). It is extremely safe and indicated for all skin types and ethnicities. Clients can expect a mild tingling sensation, with skin peeling at day 3-4. Significant improvement after one treatment leaves your skin soft, smooth, brighter and with reduced pores. For optimal results, a series of peels (4-6) is recommended separated by at least 1 month.

Rejuvenize peel is the most aggressive peel by SkinMedica TM. This peel is appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV, but can be used on types V and VI if client has established tolerability to Vitalize peel. Rejuvenize peel is indicated to reduce fine lines and for moderate to severe skin imperfections.